From Insight to Action

Using a bespoke combination of Primary and Secondary research, Data Analysis and Sector Knowledge, our analysts produce actionable insight that will help you discover, navigate and dominate the competitive landscape:

Market Identification – Who is buying?

  • Which Companies are using the product or service already or are likely to do so in the future?
  • Who are the decision makers within these organisations and what are their buying criteria?
  • How do they engage with potential suppliers?

Competitor Intelligence – Who is winning their business and Why?

  • How is the competition approaching the market and getting in front of decision makers?
  • What edge do they think they have that clients respond to?
  • How do they price their offering?

Horizon Scanning – What does the future hold?

  • What is the latest academic thinking and emerging trends in our field?
  • What technological developments are in the pipeline?
  • Where are disruptive threats and opportunities likely to come from?

Sample projects successfully delivered in the above areas:

HR Professional Services organization

Strategic Market Analysis of UK Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) market. Market Mapping, Market Sizing, Acquisition Target Identification and Competitor Analysis

Leading Technology company

“Deep-dive” into target central government organisation to understand where increased penetration opportunities lay. Assessment of current position vs incumbent lead supplier; Discovery of future IT agenda and strategic/political drivers and recommendations for targeted marketing response.

International GIS company

Strategic Market Analysis validating existing assumptions, or otherwise, and delivering detail regarding: market sizing, detailed explanation of the business case, the supplier/competitor space, market opportunities, go-to-market plan, and potential partners.

Consumer Market Research company

Introduction of new under development Market Research product to key decision makers within Travel Sector and assessing reaction to proposed collateral, pricing structure and potential value added services